Mary Beth Wiand

About Me

Hi! I am Mary Wiand.

I am an acting senior at JP Catholic University. I specialize in both screen and stage acting. I started acting in 2018 and it brought me into a new world of fun. 

I  found a bigger love for acting in high school when I was able to get into acting and stage crafting classes. This also got me into the world of makeup. They opened my eyes to a new world that I thoroughly enjoy.

When not doing school work or acting, I like to play Dungeons and Dragons, which is a really good improv exercise, Magic the Gathering, and video games like Valorant and Minecraft. I also like to draw, cook, and sing.

My favorite thing to make while cooking is homemade ramen, which gives it less sodium and in my opinion more flavor. I also like to make Elven Bread from the D&D Cookbook.